Qualification/Exam Board/Course Code:

AQA Short Course

Coursework & Examination Breakdown:

Unit 1: Religion and Citizenship

Unit 2: Religion and Morality

Areas of Study:

Unit 1: This unit will provide students with the opportunity to examine:

  • Religion and Relationships
  • Religion, Sport and Leisure
  • Religion and Work
  • Religion and the Multicultural Society
  • Religion and Identity
  • Religion and Human Rights

Unit 2: Students will examine:

  • Religious Attitudes to Matters of Life (medical Ethics)
  • Religious Attitudes to the Elderly and Death
  • Religious Attitudes to Drug Abuse
  • Religious Attitudes to Crime and Punishment
  • Religious Attitudes to Rich and Poor in British Society
  • Religious Attitudes to World Poverty


Departmental resources include:

Various RE Text Books and Religious Artifacts.

Access to online resources through the school learning gateway using ICT suite or laptops in the classroom environment.

Special Points of Interest:

RE links in with PHSE and Citizenship to give a different perspective about life and it’s moral dilemmas.

Other trips to be arranged.

Key Dates:

Mock examinations take place Jan 2015

Final examinations

Departmental Staff:

Mark Smith (Teacher)

Michele Cooper (AT)

Department Philosophy:

Pupils are encouraged to develop their skills by asking questions about the world around them.

Homework is set and marked weekly, with extended marking carried out half termly. This allows students to see their progress and use the teacher comments to empower them to achieve their full potential.