DSC00241 computer1It is difficult to think of any occupation that does not use ICT at some point in the day.  You use it for entertainment and sport, for travel and shopping.  In ICT lessons we give you more ideas of how it affects your life and how you can use it to get on.

We do the WJEC GCSE that includes:

Unit 1: Understanding ICT

This examination paper will assess the requirements of the Key Stage 4 Programme of Study for Information and Communication Technology and the functional elements of ICT in a home and school context.

Unit 2: Solving Problems with ICT

This controlled assessment consists of a portfolio of work which shows candidates’ attainment in obtaining and interpreting different types of information; using, developing and communicating information to meet the purpose of their studies and presenting the results of their work. This assignment will assess the practical aspects of the functional elements of ICT.DSC00239

Unit 3: ICT in Organisations

This examination paper will assess the ‘application’ content of ICT in a business and industry context.

Unit 4: Developing Multimedia ICT Solutions

This controlled assessment will give candidates the opportunity to develop a piece of work using multimedia software following a single task brief issued bDSC00240y WJEC.