History is about people and is unique in the way their behaviour takes centre stage every lesson. It helps us learn what it is to be human. It can also give students an understanding of how things came to be as they are and helps us to understand our own and other societies in the world. History can enable us to question and make sense of our locality and is a subject that is all around us. History can also bring a sense of identity and belonging, a pride in our heritage and achievements as well as recognising failings and mistakes.RobertOwenAcademyHistory1

GCSE History – Option subject 2 hours per week – Teaching Staff- Mr Phipps

Why you should study this course

The course provides opportunities to explore history in a variety of ways: in depth, across a broad span of time, locality and with reference to a diversity of cultures. It also enables students to study history from a variety of perspectives, including political, social, economic and cultural, thereby encouraging the appreciation of the RobertOwenAcademyHistory4diversity of the societies studied, and the experiences of the people in these societies.

We use a vast variety of resources – film, video, documentaries, photographs, and newsreel and so on.

A summary of the skills acquired

History encourages us to be responsible and respect each other’s views and interpretations. It involves the purposeful enquiry and use of a range of sources to draw conclusions and build meaningful narratives. It also helps support literacy development with use of a variety of forms of reading, writing and debate.

When studying history you will:

·       Use information effectively – this can help shed light on a problem or issue.

·       Weigh conflicting factors carefully before taking critical decisions.

·       Be analytical and critical when considering information presented to you.RobertOwenAcademyHistory2

History helps understand how and why humans behaved as they did – and may behave in similar circumstances again. This can be vital in relations with the most complex factor in any job …


Students will follow the SHP course for GCSE History with topics yet to be decided as a new specification for the course will be available to study from September 2016

How you will be assessed

Controlled Assessment forms 25% of the overall grade and is based on a local historical site

75% two exams. Both exams test your knowledge and communication of the main two topics. Both papers require the use and evaluation of historical sources.


Employers value the thinking, problem solving and writing skills that the subject engenders. Employers and universities value History highly. All careers find history skills either valuable or essential to their work. History leads to an understanding about who you are and why things are as they are.