Why should you study GCSE Geography?

There are many reasons – Here are just a couple:

“Geography is the subject which holds the key to our future” – Michael Palin,

“Without Geography – You are nowhere!”


Skills you will learn

The skills that you develop during the geography course include: organisation, enquiry, research and investigation. You will be encouraged to find out about people, places and environments around the planet. You will talk with interest about a variety of topics, understand the major problems and issues in the world as well as acquiring a variety of useful literacy and numerical skills. You will be expected to make decisions and justify them.

In Unit 1 students learn about how management of their environment and resources is vital. You investigate alternative energy sources and balance their uses against potential environmental impacts.RobertOwenAcademyGeography2

Unit 2 studies our planet and its changing environment from shrinking polar icecaps to plate tectonics and volcanic activity and how humans have adapted to living near this hostile environment.

Unit 3 is a local investigation: students complete fieldwork and test their results against a hypothesis set by the examining board. You will learn to handle qualitative and quantitative data, present the information in graphical and written format and present their findings in a 1500 work written document marked by the examining board.


Students who study Geography will find it useful in a variety of careers / jobs. For example students have gone on to the following careers: Tourism, Town Planning, Accountancy, Land Surveying and Environmental management.

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