What is studied during the course?

The simple answer is… everything! From Avon’s Bard to online blogs, the PM’s BBMs to a poets’ pentameters, there is almost nothing which doesn’t fall into the study of English Language and Literature! Texts for Literature will include prose, drama and poetry from a variety of time periods, RobertOwenAcademyEnglish2including the 19th Century and works by the Romantic poets – thought to be radical and ground-breaking in their own time – and this will be supplemented by the study of non-fiction from across the history of the English language. Throughout both courses, pupils will learn to analyse language features with skill and precision and also to exploit them in their own creative writing, crafting their compositions for audience and purpose.

There is also a Spoken Language component to the course, requiring pupils to plan a presentation, deliver it to a group and respond to questions on a topic of their choice.

At The Robert Owen Academy, students study for two GCSEs, following a GCSE English language and GCSE English literature pathway.

What is the course like?

Both of these qualifications are rigorous, thought provoking programmes of study, drawing from traditional and modern texts to give pupils a rounded appreciation of words and language in all their guises. Pupils will emerge from the two year course with two separate GCSEs.

How is the course assessed?RobertOwenAcademyEnglish1

From 2015 onwards (exams in 2017), all English language and English literature GCSEs will be assessed by terminal exams. Pupils will be prepared for these in class throughout the two year course through a varied programme of creative, reflective, spoken and written tasks based around set exam texts and unseen materials providing practice and resilience in building exam skills. There will be termly assessments throughout the course and, in June of Year 11, there are two terminal exams in English language – totalling 3.5 hours – and two terminal exams in English literature – totalling 4 hours. These exams will account for 100% of pupils’ overall grade.

Alongside this, Spoken Language will be assessed through a presentation and graded 1-5. This will be reported alongside the final GCSE grade but does not constitute a part of this.

Additional Information

For further information, please contact Miss Prosser, Lead teacher for English.